Music: May 1564 Challenge

A bit of a hit-go-and-leave-it-to-it patch for @OmriCohen-Music‘s May I-V-VI-IV challenge in #vcvrack, also throwing 8-to-1 switches around with liberal abandon to flip between generators n’ voices / turn polyphonic channels off & on (drone C or play incoming chord notes), and a slight case of over-ponging.

You can grab the full patch for yourself from Patchstorage:…

“This time, it’s all about the I-V-vi-IV chord progression. You can create pads, arps, melodies, as long as you follow this chord progression. If, for example, you want to use the C Major key, the chords are C Major-G Major-A minor-F Major. If you’re using the D Major key, for example, the chords will be D Major-A Major-B minor-G Major Here’s more about it –… Again, you don’t have to use chords necessarily. You can just have melodies or arps following this progression.”