Behringer Neutron & Behringer K2 analogue semimodular synthesizers

Blog: From Virtual to Physical – Hardware

Finally… it’s been a long wait but managed to acquire me some analogue hardware. As always, keeping it cheap & dirty, these were scooped up secondhand from that there FB Marketplace (from the lovely Perge Music). Presenting… the Behringer Neutron, and the Behringer K2.

In terms of bang-for-buck, £340 won’t get you very far in the land of Eurorack modules, but in the land of Behringer knock-off semi-modulars it gets you a rather hefty chunk of analogue goodness (OK, technically the Neutron isn’t a knockoff as such, but all the others are *shrug*).

A pile of Floating Ring TRS to TS cables are en-route from Thonk to hopefully allow me to shuffle CV etc in and out of my creakingly old firewire MOTU828MkII‘s balanced I/O to VCVRack, with the assistance of the SilentWay Voice Controller plugin to calibrate for v/Oct for the Neutron and Hz/Oct for the K2. Necessary as the MOTU’s IO doesn’t cover the full -5 > +5 voltage range. You get about 3.6v of travel, so -1.8 thru +1.8v, from the MOTU so I’ll have to gauge things accordingly / be selective with my targets.

I could just plug both in via USB and pilot them from VCV over MIDI… BUT, VCVRack has an issue with high numbers of MIDI Ports. Anything more than 12 and things get wayward and I’m already at that limit & having to merge things thru a Raspberry Pi4B. Hence CV control.

We shall see.