Music: Attack of the Arpeggiator – Chinenual Polyphonic Sorter

So (hi btw – been a while), spent years pratting about using various methods to extract bass notes etc using CVLY BSS and other such tools… and then Chinenual dropped Polyphonic Sorting Split and Merge modules on the library.

Cue a curious “ooo let’s swap things out and see how it goes…” on a patch designed to give me switchable latchable arps etc which, obviously as anything involving arps always does, resulted in a 20min hybrid jam.

Other than drums, s’all Behringer’s Neutron & K2 semimodular synths being driven via VCV then mixed back through. Arps / Clocks / Sequencing / Verb / Del / Controller mapping etc all VCV.

A 25-ish yr old old Art X15 Ultrafoot MIDI Controller on the floor has it’s dual expressions mapped thru VCV via a VCA each thru to each synth’s filters so my feet are riding the filters thru-out.

CV/gate/trigs I/O from VCV are all Thonk’s Floating Ring TRS-TS cables from/to MOTU828MkII balanced I/O (using SilentWay Voice Controller for pitch calibration).

Both synths running duophonically – each OSC freq independently driven… but shared VCA per hardware synth.