UV reactive cat paw print keyring by ThinkingChimp Art

R-Tools: ESP32 Neopixel LED Controller

A commission for ThinkingChimp Art – design and build of a custom lighting controller to fit a specific dimensioned space, cycling thru White & UV light to display UV reactive & glow-in-the-dark features of bespoke handmade craft pieces & artworks, on display in Handmade in Huddersfield thru January & February 2024.

Based around off the shelf parts, assembled and coded in an evening, this ESP32 based controller runs custom C++ code to drive 2x WS2811 Neopixel LED strips… one RGB, the other UV …cycling from white to UV to off in a loop, 20 seconds per colour, crossfading.

(Video Music also by myself)
If you have any sound or electronic gadget or gizmo requirements, drop me a line to discuss via the Contact page!