Project: CreamyWallsFX

My hardware synth setup is lovely, but has been lacking something… cue a need for REVERB!
Of course, I’m too skint to go out and BUY a reverb pedal.

My box of bits fortunately had a spare Raspberry Pi 3B kicking about, and an ESP32. I also had a dead M-Audio Ozone MIDI controller keyboard in the basement. That be the makings of a unit…!

The Ozone conveniently carried it’s knobs on separate PCBs. Hooking these up to the ESP32’s ADC inputs was therefore trivial, and seeing as the ESP32 and the Pi both run on 3.3v logic, we can hook the ESP32’s UART to the Pi’s and throw MIDI between the two. That takes care of getting our knobs into the Pi.

Throw KXStudio’s Carla Plugin host onto PiOS. Install Cardinal. Drop in an instance of the Valley Plateau reverb, map thru the MIDI CCs and bang in a USB audio interface (TC Helicon GO Twin being my unit of choice for such l’il experimentations)… et voila! A standalone “hardware” Valley Plateau with it’s lush ’97 Dattorro reverb algorithm to use with my hardware kit. Throw it into an old Icecream tub, as it’s all I’ve got that it’ll fit in, done.