Adafruit Neotrellis

Project: Adafruit Neotrellis, meet VCV Rack (Trowasoft)

Below is a demo video for – a set of Arduino sketches / firmware for Neotrellis 8×8 Feather M4 Express & NeoTrellisM4 (4×8) for use specifically with Trowasoft’s multiSeq module for VCVRack2, with accompanying Rack file.

Arduino sketches in C++ using regular Arduino stack and MIDIUSB, as seemed to be the most responsive & latency free method of doing it.

NeoTrellis 8×8 Feather M4 Express:
NeoTrellis 4×8 M4:
Stoermelder PACK-ONE:

UPDATE: Been tweaking yonder NeoTrellis 8×8 code and VCV sample file…

I’ve added multipage option to flip from Trowasoft Multiseq control over to MindMeld Mixer/Auxspander & Shapemaster control (hooked up to VCF and Chopper VCAs here) and back again (theoretically without the cell-ticker tracking the clock going out of sync). As ALL of this is just done over MIDI – nuthin’ special – you can remap all these buttons to whatever you like in Rack. I’ve also updated the installation instructions so they’re a bit more specific.