A picture of the musical score for Tony Wade’s Andromeda project

Project: Andromeda – Score

An artist friend of mine came up with an obscure geopsychography/music cross over project (cos he’s good at things like that is our Tony)…

“There is a story that workers from Bagley Glass took a fancy to this figurine and would often smuggle some out of the factory. Periodically the factory would search the workforce as they crossed a bridge between work and home. To avoid being caught the workers would throw these glass objects from the bridge into the canal.

It is said that the canal bed is covered with these figurines, slowly making their way downstream to Goole.

I will carry one of these figurines on a 28 km walk from the bridge at Knottingley to Goole. Every kilometre I will throw the figurine into the water, (the figurine will be attached to a piece of rope for retrieval. It might also be attached to a rock).

I will photograph the splash as the figurine hits the water. This will produce a series of 28 photographs.

I’ll then overlay a musical stave on each photograph, creating a series of 28 notes that will generate the score for a piece of music from Knottingley to Goole.”

So… that’s what he did. You can find the score over here: https://tonywadeart.com/2019/09/09/andromeda/

Obviously, Andromeda also cast her name to our nearest neighbouring galaxy… so there’s the astro tie-in, and thus I figured I’d have a play with the score in VCVRack:

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One of a series of revisits: